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Disabled people, who enjoy tourism, are tourists! A market bigger and bigger, which today counts 127 million people in Europe, with a multiplication factor for two.

Planning an “accessible” hotel room, an “accessible” beach or an “accessible” swimming pool does’t mean only respecting laws, but it means addressing directly to disabled people in order to offer them an high-quality guest experience.

Disabled people must enjoy not only the location, but all the things that are considered “holidays”: having a boat trip, eating at the restaurant, visiting museums and attractions nearby the holiday destination.

During this lesson, Roberto Vitali will give you useful information about touristic areas, considering the functional point of view of the architecture plan (hotel rooms, bathrooms, reception, beach properties and swimming pools).

Secondly, the lesson will focus on the importance of the trainings for employees, who are working in the accomodation facility. The staff, in fact, needs to be adequately educated regarding the ways to behave with guests. This is important in order to welcome and host our guests with disabilities, as best as possible.

The course is a good beginning to achieve an high-quality guest experience for all, included disabled people.

This is our first course totally subtitled; it’s available in italian language with subtitles in Italian or English, in order to be very accessible to all.


In collaboration with:

Village for all: the internet portal of accessible hospitality.

G20s: Summit of 20 seaside resort most important in Italy.

SIA Hospitality Design: the only trade fair in Italy dedicated to Hospitality.

Fai La Mossa Giusta: network  of products and services in the hospitality field.

SKAL International: the biggest organization of experts in travelling and turism, including all 32 fields of turistic industry.

Wellness 7.0: team of expert and consultant, specialized in fitness, wellness and HoReCa.



  • From accessible tourism to accessible hospitality
  • Guest Experience for all
  • Accessible hospitality
  • Beach property and beach
  • Swimming pool
  • how to receive your guests

The course adresses to all draftsmen and to the owners of accomodation facilities, who would like (or are in need) to plan accessible areas to all.

This course does not recognize any professional credit (CFP).

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