Corso M200 (ENG)

The course covers the new range of traditional coffee machines: the M200. The new model introduces innovations on design and thermals, while also improving the user interface.



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M200 is the result of a multi-year research project involving various professional figures, including engineers, technicians, baristas, sensory scientists, brand managers and designers.

The machine represents a new relationship between the barista and the customer, in which the sensory experience of coffee is taken to the highest level.

The M200 has an iconic design, with a redesigned “C” profile and exposed boiler-engine.

It is designed for maximum comfort and agility, with inclined displays and strategically placed light points.

The machine has three different systems for preparing customized coffee, including a differentiated modulation system of the pressure profile.

The M200 is designed to be easily used by every barista and is available with the GT2 functionality, which allows up to two temperature profiles to be set for each coffee group.

  • Aesthetic-ergonomic solution
  • Range and caracteristics
  • Filter holders and infusion chamber
  • What is the function of Profile technology?
  • How to use the Profile technology
  • Sensory test Profile system
  • Filter coffee
  • Infused beverages
  • Cold touch and super cold touch steam wand
  • Multi-temperature hot water service
  • GT1 Technology
  • GT2 Technology
  • Milk4 system
  • PGS sisytem
  • BDS system
  • Functions and utilities
  • Connectivity
  • Cimbali Project App
  • Sustainability

The course is aimed at the sales network.

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